Propulsion system with duck legs for paddle board



 MAC DUCK was happy to come and meet you in end 2020 at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the Grand 
 Pavois in La Rochelle, and the Nautic in Paris. But unfortunately all these shows are cancelled.
 In order to celebrate the end of the confinement, David offers you (again) a rock: "Titanic rock!" 
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MAC DUCK is an innovative paddle propulsion system based on the "duck leg" principle. Adaptable on all paddles, preferably inflatable.

It is new and unique in the world.B y bringing pleasure and ease, it renews the practice of stand up paddle.

MAC DUCK brings you:



















 During the Coronavirus sanitary crisis, L'Aquaphile continues its activities.
 All means are implemented to allow our customers to enjoy our products.


 For the Covid confinement, David offers you a rock song : "Enfermés" ("Locked" in French)!
 Enjoy! Click on the image to see the video :