Propulsion system with duck legs for paddle board




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1. How to reproduce a relatively complex natural propulsion system, the webbed leg of a duck or palmiped, with a simple mechanical system?

Some of today's mots interesting inventions, particularly in the field of propulsion, are inspired by ideas from nature. This is called biomimicry. Without pretending to copy the entire functioning of the muscles, joints and tendons of a duck's leg, a faithful but simplified inspiration has been used for the articulated paddle of the MAC DUCK.

2. Why is a paddle with a MAC DUCK faster than a traditional paddle?

Several reasons combine:
- The alternating movement of the two paddles with a fixed point of leverage allows the optimization of body power and its use for propulsion.
- The ergonomics of the device allows the paddler to push on the paddle not only with the arm but also the whole torso.
-  The user does not have to alternate right or left paddle strokes for directional control, he just has to continue the alternating movements of both 
paddles, forcing a little less from the side he wants to go to.